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Information Security

1. Purpose and Scope of Data Collection
      Customer need to fill the exact data included: Fullname, Gende, Birthday, Email, Phone Number. So that we can contact customer and ensure customer interest.
      Feel free to contact us if there is something wrong to your account.

2. Scope of Using Customer Information
      FoodForBeauty.net use the provided information members to:
           - Support and provide service
           - Send the promation code/News/Nesessary Information
           - Prevent the others to violate customer account.
           - Improve, enhance the service quality. 
           - Resolving disputes and claims.
           - Verify, compare, collate information as needed.
           - In case related to the Goverment: FoodForBeauty.net have a responsible to cooperate and provide the information to the Government when the police investigate your account for violate. Also, no one have the right to access your information.

3. Time to store information
      Customer information will be stored untill there is a request as erased. 

4. Our information:
      - FoodForBeauty.net
      - Address: 29 Thống Nhất, P.11, Gò Vấp District, HCMC
      - Email: foodforbeautyvn@gmail.com

5. The way for the customer to check and edit information
      - Members have the right to access and edit their information by loging in the FoodForBeauty.net
      - Members have the right to send a disputation matter related to their account. We will contact and check, then confirm it and guide the customer to recover and secure information.

6. Commitment For Securing private information customer
      - Customer information will be stored and secured in FoodForBeauty.net.
      - We don't have the right to let the third party know about your information, except that is what customer want.
      - In case our server have been attacked by hacker, lead to lose information, FoodForBeaty.net have responsible to report the police and notify the members.
      - FoodForBeauty.net request the customer to register exactly information. So that we can contact and solve the problem if there is something wrong with members account.